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When using VPN through Tor the VPN client encrypts your data before sending it to a Tor node.If you do use a VPN service, and then run TOR in a browser, how exactly do the two work together.

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This setup requires you to configure your VPN client to work with Tor, and the only VPN providers we know of to support this are AirVPN and BolehVPN.

But if you signed up to the service using Tor (or another VPN, or from an internet cafe, etc.) to hide your real IP, and were careful thereafter to connect only though Tor, AirVPN would never have a record of your real IP (and it claims to keep no logs anyway).Yes, other configurations are possible, although these come with ever increasing trade-offs with usability.So, with these two pieces of information, it seems to be they could easily correlate which IP that TOR traffic likely originated from.To set up TAILS you need 2 USB ports with 2 USB sticks together, right.Before we get into whether or not we should be using a VPN together with TOR, I want to give you a few warnings.

The instructions for doing this with AirVPN are here, and the instructions doing it with BolehVPN are available here.This will be slow but from my understanding you are completely encrypted the who way through and a complete Ghost.As explained in that video, the connection is initiated by your browser, and no one node knows the full circuit.Just a slight detail: with this setting, if I use the Tor browser, the data is encrypted locally end-to-end.

The major downside (and reason VPN is said to provide privacy rather than anonymity) is that it requires you trust your VPN provider.On a global scale, pulling off a successful e2e attack against a Tor user would be a monumental undertaking, but possibly not impossible for the likes of the NSA, who are suspected of running a high percentage of all the world public Tor exit nodes.Also, if we did all our communication through truly anonymous access points, likewise, hiding our originating IP from our VPN would be unnecessary.

While I understand the principle of using Tor and a VPN together unfortunately for me you have not explained how it.It is then re-encrypted with a new layer of encryption by each node it passes through.All VPN providers can look into your data, but with RootVPN you are the only one who can see the logs and also have the rights to remove those logs.Whichever setup you use, the (slow) speed of the Tor network will be a much bigger factor than that of your VPN provider.In this setup your ISP will see that you are connected to the Tor network, but nothing else.

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So in a Tor through VPN setup, the exit node will know that you have visited that website, but not which pages you visit or anything else about what you do on that website.Open BolehVPN client and go to Proxy Settings and enter in the following parameters.

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Please be aware, however, that this is nowhere near as secure as using the Tor browser, where Tor encryption is performed end-to-end from your desktop to the Tor servers.If you want to hide the fact that you are using Tor from your ISP then obfsproxy (also discussed in that article) can help.

Eddie will encrypt your data using OpenVPN, but it does not connect to an AirVPN server except through the Tor network.Each week we pull together the news and advice on keeping yourself safe and secure online.You can use Tor through VPN with any VPN provider (including ExpressVPN) by connecting to the VPN, then using the Tor browser.It is possible that with transparent proxies your VPN provider could intercept traffic before it is encrypted by the Tor servers.

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In this configuration you connect first to your VPN server, and then to the Tor network before accessing the internet.Which means that the IP you are seeing belongs to the Tor relay setup by Tails itslef.Tor is never suitable for P2P because not only is it very slow, but.

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In the VPN through TOR environment, it is mentioned that anonymity is enhanced because your VPN does not know your IP.

Two questions have come up with this that perhaps you can help with.

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I am a little confused by your question here, as the Tor Browser is an essential part of this configuration.Yes. Thanks. I obviously has a senior moment while writing that paragraph.When using Tor, the last exit node in the chain between your computer and open internet is called an exit node.If you would like to hide your IP address from your VPN provider, you may wish to use Tor.But once a relay circuit is established between the Tor browser and the exit node (and from there, any website you visit), the data can flow both ways.