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How to stream the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 premiere online

Full Review Canaan Fong June 21, 2017 Small UI problem (if anyone that builds this reads these): Clickable area of newest episode of shows is cut off by currently streaming content box.Full Review A Google User July 9, 2017 Just downloaded the app and cant sign in using cox cable, but can get on hbo go online using the same user id and password.

You try to navigate to somewhere in an episode, it disconnects.

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In order to get it to play again you gutta fast forward a little bit.Absolutely awful. (I have a brand new Nexus 6p) The screen jumps all over the place while scrolling.Then pick the season, then scroll to my episode, then hit play.

It is hard to find shows and conveniently find where I left off in my shows.If the network issues persist please open a support request with HBO GO Customer Support here.The downside is the way it inconsistently works with Google Chromecast.Notifications appear and will not go away when you click the x or slide them away.

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The Verge even wrote a whole suggestion piece a year ago and almost nothing has changed.It buffers every 5 minutes or so, and it crashes the chromecast frequently.Sign up and download VPN software, get a US IP address and start streaming HBO GO.

How to stream the ‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 premiere

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It works great, my problem is with HBO Go, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to cancel my subscription, can anyone help with that.

Full Review Jayson Williams June 15, 2017 Eventually gets my show on the TV but the app is incredibly slow, constantly signs me out and always erases my watch list.So I thought it was time to go over the numerous ways HBO is.For those who are always on the move and like to stream TV shows and movies on the go, there are HBO GO apps available for.When scrolling, it is too easy to click a show, which immediately starts playing.It takes forever to load, more bad quality, and is constantly disconnecting from the chromecast.Full Review Larry Toney June 22, 2017 I use consolidated communications.Jeff Houle July 1, 2017 The user interface for the HBO GO app is atrocious.

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HBO GO is a TV Everywhere service for users who subscribe HBO.HBO needs to find the right people to fix and maintain this app.If the login issues persist please open a support request with HBO GO Customer Support here.

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June 23, 2017 HBO GO is a free streaming service that you get for as a perk with an HBO subscription from a participating cable TV provider.

Learn how to watch HBO Go movies and TV shows on your iPad using the dedicated iPad HBO Go app.The login screen goes blank and does not allow you to continue.