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No, ScotiaCard debit cards with VISA Debit are strictly debit cards NOT credit cards.

Debit Mastercard or Maestro Card combines the convenience and benefits of Mastercard,.

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Other withdrawal options include using a PayPal debit card to make purchases or get cash.

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PayPal (requires a credit card as a. issued debit cards for use in.Use the CIBC Advantage Debit Card to make purchases around the world in person, online, by phone or mail with the added security and protection benefits of.Enter your payment information or use a payment method you have already saved.April 28, 2011. By:. The bank account or debit card you have linked to your PayPal account is your backup payment method.I have several cards listed on pay pal and one is a debit card.

Debit cards are difficult to add money to and even more difficult to retrieve money from, plus ATM-like fees.Learn how PayPal works, how to use PayPal and about problems with.I have linked SBH(state bank of hyderabad) account with paypal and verified but i have added icici bank debit card to paypal account, is it necessary to add icici.

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If you use your credit or debit card to load money into your PayPal account,.Find out whether PayPal or a credit card is the best way to stay safe from fraud and prevent.

Prepaid cards and debit cards can help your. spending then a debit card or a prepaid card could be a good card for you.

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You might notice temporary authorizations on your card account when using a credit or debit card. PayPal. In.

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My intent was to be able to use the paypal gift card to load my online Paypal account and.

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For a comparison, PayPal offers the customer to use an online-only Maestro card if the customer enters a Dutch. due to the massive daily use of debit card.

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Ask the Community Resolution Center Email Customer Support Call. a PayPal payment.

Do not link your PayPal account to your bank account or debit card. Why:. and by using a credit card to fund PayPal purchases,.

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If you want to send a transfer, you must have a credit or debit card registered with PayPal as a backup for your funds.I was looking into getting a PayPal debit card, not too much luck googling.Using your debit card on eBay allows you to make instant online purchases without needing a credit card or PayPal account.