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The setting looks like it can be set so that the home network uses one set of DNS and the coax (for the tv) uses another set of DNS.I really tried to make OpenDNS work with my new router but it looks as if it is not possible.I have had Verizon Fios for about two years and my configuration was a WRT300N V1 connected to Fios, which was setup for DHCP reservations, and a.

Reboot your PC, powercycle the modem and the router, and viola.In the event of a Cable Modem outage I would like the ability to connect my Verizon 4G Router (not MiFi) to my home network router via the home network routers WAN port.

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But think about that special Verizon services like VoIP or IPTV may not work any longer when flashing the router with a different firmware.

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Verizon DSL router setup question. Verizon router setup Forum.I checked the Chromecast router compatibility and it says my Actionnet router.How do I changes the DNS servers addresses on new FIOS Gateway.To communicate with your router, your computer must first be set up to receive a DHCP address from the router. Actiontec GT784WN Router Setup and User Guide.

So it looks like Verizon was wrong.the router CAN be setup as a.I was able to connect when I manually input settings, but DHCP does not seem to work.

How do I changes the DNS servers addresses on new FIOS

Both the names of the categories and the options are different.Click Settings to configure your router. When the router is configured with DHCP,.Click OK at the prompt asking if you want to reset your configuration now.

Ideas I have: someone said something about hooking up another router to the Verizon router, and then setting up open dns on that wifi router.DD-WRT DynDns settings behind FiOS Actiontec router. on my network setup: My ISP is Verizon. into a DHCP server with one client: my e2000 router.I have uploaded a picture of the settings for the Ethernet Coax window.Your new router should now DHCP an IP from verizon without any problems.New Verizon FIOS router screwed up my network. FIOS Verizon router and iMac:.

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Port Forwarding - Verizon FiOS G1100 router. see the DHCP.While there is a place in the new routers to change DNS servers (and it took some digging to find it), apparently that is window dressing.

Like many network geeks, I want a little bit more than the Verizon-provided Actiontec router will provide, such as.I recently started chaning the addresses of some of my network devices and wanted to update my DNS server settings on the router.This article discusses the setup requirements and instructions for using a SonicWall (or other third party router) as the primary router on a Verizon FiOS connection.Yes, they may have documented this for the OEM device from Actiontec, not for the trimmed down model distributed by Verizon.

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ASA5505 to Verizon router, devices not seeing each other. I have a Verizon router ( that has a DHCP pool.Initially the router they put in was set up for DHCP in the full ip range of my LAN.DHCP Server...

ASA5505 to Verizon router, devices not seeing each other

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The hardware may be the same from the manufacturer and the ISP, but the firmware is likely different.

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I did everything as you all stated and I cant seem to get any stats to pull from the dashboard.I have Verizon DSL and have been using a Netgear wireless router for years, but was going to install a Linksys WRT54G.

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