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How is the connection from Australia to watch mainly UK shows and maybe US.

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This will take you back to the main iTunes page where you can again search for the iPlayer and select it just like the first time.The technology that companies like the BBC iPlayer and Hulu use, works by looking up your IP address when you connect.

Select the Apps tab for the iPad device, and scroll down under the Sync Apps list until you find BBC iPlayer.Safe - Discreet - You Are Completely Anonymous - Your Identity Secure.

BBC iPlayer has begun blocking VPN access. iPlayer from outside the UK which breaks our terms of use.

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Click the free button on iPlayer to download it: iTunes will immediately popup the Sign In dialog.

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You now need a TV Licence. Aug 03,. a TV licence will be needed to use BBC iPlayer.

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Tag Archives: Use BBC iPlayer When Moving Out of the UK Watching Doctor Who on The BBC From Outside the UK.Fast - Servers Across the World - Watch British, European, Australian, US and Canadian TV.The BBC only allows its content to be downloaded and watch on an iPad if the iPad is in the UK.Find that icon and double click it: You will be asked to authorize this computer to the new UK iTunes account.

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The easiest thing to do is to create a GMail (or other) account to associate with this iTunes account.

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I noticed this after moving to North Carolina for a few months with work, it was great I could watch Hulu and Pandora online in the USA.

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Adaptable - Use your Identity Cloaker account on multiple devices including your iPad,iPhone, Android phones and many more.For instance ever tried to watch the BBC iPlayer, Canadian TV or ITV in the USA.Click continue: Then agree to the terms: Now you have to provide an email address and security information for the account.

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Time to download it, which will also involve creating a UK iTunes account.

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How to put the UK iPlayer on a US iPad In July 2011 the BBC announced an international version of.Now however, when the Sign in dialog popups up, you can enter the details for the newly create UK iTunes account.

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We show you that you can watch BBC iPlayer abroad. the USA, Mexico, Australia or.UK iPlayer on to US iPad So, your desktop iTunes program now has a copy of the iPlayer app.

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As a Brit, I feel the BBC belongs to me and I would very happily pay the TV License despite not living in the UK.

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Under the Business Terms of Use,. conditions do allow us to use iPlayer for educational use and.Setting up a UK iTunes account The first thing you need is a UK iTunes account.With Unlocator you can watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.There are lots of UK based VPNs available for this very purpose.