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A device fingerprint or machine fingerprint or browser fingerprint is information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification.Browser fingerprinting is a highly accurate way you can be identified and tracked when you go online.Every Internet user is tracked for his activities over the internet and as we know that browsing activities are carried out over the internet with the use of a.How can you protect yourself Since there is no feasible way to safely use the same browser to do both your private and public internet activities, the best protection against fingerprinting right now is to separate those two activities.

I thought it was very questionable, but I was in debt and that was the only job I could get at the time.Therefore, the goal here is to make it difficult for your private activities to be correlated to your public activities.Quite possibly, a composite fingerprint (versions of common plugins, base os, browser version etc) is very accurate indeed.This article contains some practical steps to protect yourself.

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Browser fingerprinting works in the same way: the wholesale collection of as many browser identification points as possible at a website that can then be later matched against the browser characteristics of known people.

A very obvious example is logging in to your Facebook account while using a privacy tool such as Tor.

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A new research conducted at the Lehigh University has taken the browser fingerprinting to.The entire list of what Am I Unique collects is here, and more is possible.It is also extremely common for cookies to be exchanged between browsers and web servers.At a minimum, that is usually the protocol and URL requested, the requesting IP address, the referer (sic) and the user agent string.

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Panopticlick will analyze how well your browser and add-ons protect you against online tracking techniques.

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Account correlation, such as the Facebook example, will cut right through your privacy attempts.

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Learn the risks associated with browser and device fingerprinting, which are used to create undeletable cookies that track user data.Most privacy-minded people are of the mindset that the less information you provide, the better your privacy will be.

In addition to what may be recorded in web server access logs, browsers also send a series of headers.

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I'm trying to...Server-Side Collection Website access logs on the server can collect data that is sent by your browser.I am wondering where should I store generated browser fingerprint.There is no end to OpSec blunders which can make the correlation of your public and private internet activities easier, but here are some starting points.

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Therefore, if THIS SSL Fingerprinting facility at GRC were to become popular,.

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