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Setting the country code in the TV to a country that you are not.

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Samsung Health is an application that can help you manage your health.

I know this is all about the F series, but as I could not find a blog about the Samsung H series, I have taken the liberty to post it here.I have not seen this problem myself, but two people here write a similar thing.I have a samsung HT-E3500 bluray player, when I purchased this bluray player in South Africa it never come with default netflix apps, is there a way to enable this As it does not have a smart hub button, the American HT-E3500 comes with netflix installed already.Hello all, After reading many forums how to change region for LG smart TV using Ez-Adjust I gave up.

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I found there are 2 Version of the same TV one is the german Version called UE55F8090 and the EU Version called UE55F8000.

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Samsung HL-S4676S Manual Online: Cleaning And Maintaining Your Tv, Using Your Tv In Another Country.I then discovered a version Netflix app in Mexico and posted that solution over at Cnet forums.

Yes,when i find sammy go apps on hub,i need start him and on on step 1 and 2 said No.Well, you will have to assign your IP address with OverPlay which identifies you as a customer, so you should do that first.I have had a Samsung DVD-player BD-H6500 and a matching TV UE40H6470ss for a few weeks now.I am not sure about this, and maybe you will need to contact Samsung.

There is an additional page of French privacy conditions, but from your screenshot it looks like you mean the 1st one.Apps from the UK appstore (e.g. BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc) should work with a compatible smart DNS service now.Zattoo have a dedicated Samsung TV widget in the German store, which works with Overplay for UK channels live directly on the TV (and in full-screen).You could try resetting the hub, or beginning the process again.Your best bet would be to buy an additional set-top box which includes a tuner (maybe something like a free-view service).Once you select your region, the Terms and Agreement dialogue appears where you can check mark them to proceed.

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Was able to download the apps using an Ethernet connection from the adsl.

All I need now is a Smart DNS and will be able to use UK TV Apps.

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Sadly, that is a bit dear if someone is in the Android ecosystem.An easy to do tutorial on how to watch Netflix on Samsung Smart TV from anywhere using a Virtual private network or SmartDNS.

As far as I know, the tuner is controlled by specific firmware loaded onto TVs in each region, unlike the smart hub which is pretty much global (outside of small variations).I can see all those apps but they are in the background. they are also shown as available when I go into the samsung app but when I try to download nothing happens. when I press menu it does not show a smart hub option.Well, this method works fine with my UA40J5500 i have changed the default region of smart hub but after that i have got a problem.Actually, from what I have heard, there is no real motive behind this except that Samsung periodically updates their firmware in different regions at different times, and Netflix only provides updated apps for that new firmware when a region requires it, so over time, Netflix just stops working on TVs from different countries with different firmware.

I am thinking of buying a new Samsung TV too, but first would like to know definitely that the instructions given above still work.As far as I can tell, this trick works perfectly on a German Samsung F6740.I can now click on Iplayer etc but when I click on Samsung Apps icon or Amazon video icon a message shows stating I am not connected to a Network.Try directly connecting to your router with an Ethernet cable (best way to test) or try moving the TV directly next to the router for a better WiFi connection (Not as good test as the cable).Also, did you have any luck changing the Samsung Blu-Ray player to the UK hub.

Once I use my VPN service, they apparently cant see anything.I have been able to follow your description above which worked fine, but the tv is still set to Luxembourg channels.Even more surprising when I checked the speed test this morning and discovered I am only getting1.22mbs. I do get 3 or close to that on my laptop connected via Ethernet without the vpn router so I am going to try an extra long Ethernet link today and will let you know the result.I have a samsung series 6 6300 that I brought from the US to Australia.

I think it is best to give people just a good hint that if they work out which countries have Netflix, and then hunt about by converting their Smart hub to a few different Netflix enabled countries, eventually they will find an old version of the app.I also have a Samsung BD F 7500 and the method did not work until I unchecked all agreements from SmartHub.Websites seem to list on computer-type devices to download to. (We already have VPN on the computers).Try this link here, and see if they are using transparent DNS redirection.I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but I have run out of ideas.