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Maintaining the Windows startup files: All modern computers make use of an automated startup routine, designed to load specified programs and components every time.The hive is populated from the data in the SYSTEM. file, which is located in the System32\Config folder in the main Windows 2000 folder.Here is how to use MSCONFIG in Windows Vista to disable some of the unnecessary programs that automatically load on start-up.The hardware profile and the Last Known Good Configuration are known as ControlSets.

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You can disable the Options button if you do not want these features to be available.If you do not want the commands to appear, either do not add this entry to the System key or set its value to 1.Almost all of the really usable configuration options for preparing for a Windows 2000 can be set in the Registry.

To help you understand that process, though, here is a review of what happens when you start your computer and run Windows 2000.When Windows 2000 starts, a number of programs launch in the protected system context.The screen background turns blue and streams of Windows 2000 internal technical data appear.

To configure Windows 2000 to launch the Program Manager interface when Windows 2000 launches, you need to specify the shell program you want to run.

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If the workstation has multiple hardware profiles set up, the user is presented with a list of those profiles.

Get the fix for the infinite Startup Repair loop error for the following Windows versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. This error.How To Resolve Windows 8 Boot Issues. Disable Fast Startup.

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The settings in this section will help you configure and customize Windows 2000 when you issue the command to shut down the system.

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Set the value of this entry to 1 to force startup scripts to run asynchronously.

The Domain dropdown list gives the user the opportunity to select the domain to which to log on, while the dial-up option lets the user select a dial-up connection to use.For security reasons, you may feel that ten is too large a number of logons to cache.For Windows 2000, the program on the boot sector that executes is Ntldr.exe.You can configure the default option implemented when the user selects logoff or shutdown.A separate entry in the Registry is reserved for both drive types.General Information - Windows 2000 does not have the MSCONFIG program that was provided with Windows 98.Verbose logging means that Windows 2000 presents more than the normal amount of information.If you enable this feature, make it a practice to review data in the system and error logs via the Event Viewer.

The NTFS file system records the last time a file was accessed.If there are a lot of programs automatically starting up in your PC, the computer startup speed will be greatly influenced.Chapter 6 from Windows 2000 Registry, published by Prentice Hall.Assuming that the user selects Windows 2000, the hardware detection phase begins.

You can prevent the user of a workstation from locking it using the Windows 2000 Lock Workstation button on the Windows Security dialog box.Ntldr.exe switches the machines from a real mode into a flat 32-bit memory mode. Ntldr.exe next opens the Boot.ini file and presents to the user the list of operating systems that can be used to boot based on the options in the file.A Registry entry is available to change this default behavior.Get to Windows Startup Settings in the Windows Recovery Environment.

The details logged are stored in the event logs, which are accessible via the Event Viewer.

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Figure 6-3: The location of Registry hives is stored in the Registry.

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Keywords: windows troubleshooting performance problems msconfig slow computer long time win win8 win7 winxp 8 7 vista xp system configuration utility.All prices for products mentioned in this document are subject to change without notice.Figure 6-1: The Select key stores the numbers of the configurations stored in the Registry.This video shows to to open the System Configuration Utility and disable unwanted items from staring up when you log onto your Windows XP machine.

You can use two settings to save diagnostic data to an external file.The user may at any time display the wizard by choosing Programs\Administrative Tools\Configure Your Server from the Start menu.Learn how to choose which programs and applications automatically run when your Windows starts up.