The finance part of both our business and private lives is fundamental to society today. That’s not a selfish statement, it’s a basic observational fact of life in the world as we have come to enjoy. It’s how our economic system operates and functions effectively.

Businesses need access to cost-effective and tailored finance to facilitate growth to meet consumer demand for their goods and services. Individuals require loans to acquire goods and services to support the businesses and to achieve a desired lifestyle which they have, in most cases, worked hard towards achieving.

To make all this happen, we all need straightforward and easy to understand information on the types of loans available and simple tools that we can use to plan our finances. Right here we are making that happen!

To assist you with the finance part of your life, we’re providing information on many of the most popular types of loans available to business and individuals – how loans are structured, how GST and tax are treated, how to assess which loan is best suited to your individual circumstances and the various options to source loans. We then go one step further with information on how finance calculators can assist in your financial decision-making. We trust this information will be of benefit to you and if you require professional advice around your particular situation, we may wish to consult a financial advisor.


Businesses require finance to support investment in a wide range of equipment, motor vehicles and other assets to sustain and grow their business. There are a number of commercial finance products which suit different business structures and objectives.


Aspirations are personal, private, inner motivations that drive us to succeed. To realise dreams and aspirations, individuals often require loans for a wide range of purposes. The most popular reason for a personal loan is for the purchase of a new car. There are two basic forms of loans for individuals – Secured Car Loan and Unsecured Loan.


Having at least some indication of what our loan repayments might be – a rough ballpark estimate – can greatly assist in the decision-making process when purchasing a car or business equipment especially. Online finance calculators have been developed to allow you to easily calculate estimated repayments based on certain loans, within the constraints of the functionality. We outline how to use the calculators for different loan types.


Sourcing a loan can be a time-consuming and, in some cases, frustrating procedure as people negotiate and navigate their way through the banking and financial sector. There are finance broker services that will assist both individuals and businesses with sourcing finance. We outline how these services work in our finance web pages.

If you require assistance with sourcing finance, we know people who operate in this area and we can share their details. Contact us for information.