Equipment Finance Calculator

When you need to purchase equipment for your business, you first need to plan and prepare. It may be heavy industrial machinery, medical equipment, fitness equipment, equipment for transport operators, for warehousing, for agricultural businesses, IT and computer equipment or tools specific to your industry sector.

Online equipment finance calculators can assist with your planning and the decision-making process. These devices allow you to quickly calculate a rough estimate of repayments on loans based on certain parameters. 

  • If you’re considering options of different priced equipment, having this ballpark estimate may assist in deciding which way to go.
  • It can provide clarity so you can work the cost estimates into your financial projections.
  • It can assist in pre-planning how you would like your finance structured – with what loan term and balloon.


Finance calculators can be used to calculate estimates for the main types of commercial finance products:

  • Chattel Mortgage estimates
  • Leasing estimates
  • Commercial Hire Purchase estimates
  • Rent to Own estimates


Using a Finance Calculator

The calculators are available on finance provider websites and are set out in a commonly recognised online form format.

  • Enter the loan amount which may be the full purchase price of the equipment or include an additional amount to cover any anticipated extras around the purchase.
  • Enter the amount of time you want to repay the loan. Some lenders
    will have their own limits but for this purpose, select a realistic timeframe.
  •  Commercial loan products usually include an option for a balloon,
    residual or buyback. If this is of interest to you, enter that data.
  •     You will need to enter the interest rate. Most of the websites which include calculators also display a current interest rate for equipment or business finance. If you can’t find an interest rate displayed, we can assist by directing you to a site that does show current interest rates. Contact us if you require this information.

With all the data entered and essential information fields completed, you are ready to click on the calculate icon and an estimate of repayments based on the data entered will be displayed.



Online finance calculators are general-purpose devices and do not as a rule have the functional capacity to allow for fees and charges that may be applied by a specific lender or any aspects of your individual application which may affect the loan. The repayments which you are offered by a lender may be lower or higher than the calculator indicates.


Always read the disclaimer and any other information around that particular calculator to ensure you are fully informed.

We know where you can access an equipment finance calculator. If you would like to be directed to a source, please contact us.